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UCY-TF2 (tall oil fatty acid)

Product Datasheet

Item number: 10-006




General Information


UCY-TF2 is characterized as a tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) with high fatty acid content and low content of rosin acids and unsaponifiables. The light colour together with excellent colour stability and air drying propeties are derived from its origin, the northern pine.


The superior chemical reactivity of UCY-TF2 is due to its long carbon chain (C18), the acid function of carboxyl group (-COOH) and the unsaturation of the double bonds. That is why UCY-TF2 is an excellent raw material for alkyd resins, dimer acids, fa-esters, fa-soaps, faethoxylates, fa-amines and many other chemicals.



Specification of UCY-TF2





Acid value

min. 193

SCAN-T 11:72

Colour Gardner, photometer

max. 5

ASTM D 6166-97

Free rosin acids, %

max. 2,1

SCAN-T 14:78

Unsaponifiables, %

max. 2

SCAN-T 13:74



Typical analyses of UCY-TF2





Acid value


SCAN-T 11:72

Cloud point, °C


ASTM D 2500-99

Colour Gardner, photometer


ASTM D 6199-97

Density at 20 °C, kg/m³


SCAN-T 2:65

Flash point, closed cup, °C


ASTM D 93-00

Free fatty acids, %


ASTM D 5974-00

Free rosin acids, %


SCAN-T 14:78

Iodine value, Wijs


ASTM D 5768-95

Pour point, °C


SCAN-T 5:67

Saponification value


SCAN-T 12:72

Unsaponifiables, %


SCAN-T 13:74

Viscosity at 20 °C, mPas.s


ASTM D 2196-99



Product handling


UCY-TF2 should be delivered at around 20 °C and the recommended minimum storage temperature is 15 °C. If UCY-TF2 is subjected to cold temperatures during storage or transportation it may become cloudy or show some precipitation. This is a normal characteristic and not a defect. If affected, the material should be gently heated to max. 30 °C and circulated or agitated to restore the clear and bright condition.

Delivery form


Liquid in road tanker, rail tank wagon, ISO-container, flexitank, IBC-container or 188 kgs net in steel drums.



In all applications of UCY-TF2 it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to respect and comply with any valid intellectual property rights of third parties.






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