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natural gas


gas supply for electricity producers and energy suppliers


services of UCY ENERGY

Our strategic partners are in the gas business for more than 30 years. Most of our partners belong to the leading gas producers in their countries. The independency of UCY ENERGY is your guarantor for the most possible cost effectiveness of your supply. Our aim is not the "fast deal", but a long-term and solid customer-supplier relation. This is our base for choosing suppliers and customers.

Our service in international gas supply consists of:

1) market research and market analysis

2) sourcing of information regarding potential suppliers and deal

3) advisory regarding the most profitable trading strategy

4) acquisition of financing

5) physical gas supply

6) financial transaction as a potential counterpart for your hedging

7) analysis of gas samples

8) quantity audit

9) loading, transshipment and discharge inspection

10) acquisition of specialized law firms






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