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UCY ENERGY is a global leader in sustainability


The key to success is the base of employees we are having all over the world


High-end-technology, global presence, efficiant processes and a multi-cultural international team - that is our way into the future


Over the last years we developed a broad and deep knowledge of several innovate technologies to save energy and use recources more efficiant. We have learnt a lot about the energy markets, the chains and the players on the market.

Our mission statement is acting responsible for environment and the population of our planet. Our maxim is "saving future for the next geration". This implicates that we do our best to save energy and emissions of CO2. We want to make a contribuation in a fair, peaceful and unpolluted environment. This is what we stand for - UCY ENERGY. Time is now.


Our strategic aims cleary give us the obligation basically to act in the field of renewable energies. But of course we see that right now the world is not able to live without fossil fuels. So what we are currently doing is focussing on renewable energies, but we also deal with oil, gas and coal.

This means:

  • our employees are highly motivated that we can be successfuel in the markets

  • we have "clean investments" for our shareholders and investors

  • we have prooved high-technology-solutions for our customers



For any questions do not hesitate to contact us: info@ucy-energy.com 
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