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UCY ENERGY supplies UCY-R Fuel LS


UCY ENERGY supplies fuel oil, either in ISO tanks or via road tanker


UCY ENERGY is one of the major suppliers for fuel oil on the European market



"UCY-R Fuel LS" is a liquid mixture of several vegetable oils and mineral-based fuel oil. The content of vegetable oil is about 10%, the mineral oil content about 90 % With less than 1% the sulfur content is rather low in comparison to 100% mineral-based fuel oil. Beside that also the ash content is much smaller in comparison to regular fuel oil.


"UCY-R Fuel LS" has to be seen in a price range which is even lower than the price range of animal fat. It can be used for large diesel engines or for burning and power plants. While having normal room temperatures, the product is liquid and has a deep black color.We are happy to receive your inquieries: thilo.schneider@ucy-energy.com



product data sheet "UCY-R Fuel LS" (75 KB)





For any questions do not hesitate to contact us: info@ucy-energy.com 
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